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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ordered my Shoes!

I posted about this a while back because I really thought that God was calling me to help others through my wedding via Toms shoes. I did change my mind from the canvas to the glitters and I am so excited to be getting them in 3-4 days! My only concern was that the glitter would run off - I know I'm going to be teased for this anyway because my father/brother are custodians and therefore hate glitter. I have read, however, that the glitter on Toms shoes don't run off so I really hope they're right.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Party

So we've known who our bridesmaids and groomsmen are for a while now but I never thought of posting them until reading another blog. :)

We plan on having a flower girl and ring bearer, but we haven't asked them yet.

I already had this made up for the last siggy on the knot boards, so I'll just use it here too! From top left to right, then bottom left to right:
Amanda - One of my best friends from bible study in college. She's getting married in July and I'm in her wedding too!
Amy - Friends since high school.
Raven - Maid of Honor - Best friend from high school.
Maria - Maid of Honor - Cousin!
Beth - Matt's sister (soon to be a mom! :))
Ashley - Another friend from college!


Nick - Best Man - Matt's
best friend since high school.

Randy - My cousin

Claus - Matt's Brother-in-law

Pat -  Best man - Matt's brother

Kyle - Matt's friend
Lyle - My brother
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