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Monday, July 25, 2011

Booked Wedding Night Hotel Room

Matt was most likely on a high from booking the honeymoon stuff on Saturday that he just couldn't wait to do the wedding night hotel room. I don't blame him at all because I'm pretty excited about it too. I've been eating up all of the information on the website for The Cincinnatian and I'm especially excited about this possibility:

"To arrange for silk rose petals to be placed in a guest room please contact our concierge, natural rose petals are not permitted."
Wouldn't that just be super romantic? I think so, we'll see if Matt picks up on that.

Since we used Hotwire for this booking too, we don't know what kind of room we'll have, but they're all nice so we're happy! Apparently when you do hotel rooms alone, they don't let you know what kind of room. Odd, but in this case it doesn't really matter.

I also thought I'd include some pictures of the resort for our Honeymoon from the previous post in this one. Eye candy, if you will.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Booked Our Honeymoon!

So today was the first day that June 10-17 was avaiable for booking on hotwire so Matt and I booked our flight to Orlando, FL, hotel, and rental car for our honeymoon!

We'll be flying direct on Delta from Cincinnati to Orlando at what Matt calls "Jess time" AKA not early morning. Our flight there leaves around 11am and the flight back leaves around 4pm. I'm pretty excited about that.

Our hotel is the Lake Eve Resort in Orlando only a few miles away from DisneyWorld with a free shuttle there and back. The suite is two bedrooms (because the one bedroom is $5 more a night - how silly) and has a full kitchen and a living room.

The rental car is an economy sized car, like a Chevy Aveo but we could easily wind up with a car just like mine (Hyundai Accent).

The only thing big left to take care of now will be getting the tickets for DisneyWorld, but we can get those way later. We are so excited!
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