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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wedding Bands

So Saturday (on our 2 year dating anniversary), I convinced Matt to look at wedding bands at the jewelry store in a local Kroger. We had stopped there because we needed to go to the bank, and there was one of those in this Kroger as well. I was literally bouncing I was so excited we finally took a little bit of time to look at and try on wedding bands.

Matt is the "easy one". He just wants a 5mm-6mm yellow gold band. That should be easy to find online cheap enough for us. :)

Me however - I am the difficult one. Both of our birthdays are in September and so is our engagement anniversary. So we want sapphires in my wedding band. I tried on one there that I fell in love with, but it alone was more than we budgeted for both of our wedding bands. Luckily, I found one online for half the price and almost the same exact thing. See below:

Online - Half the price

Store - More than our budget

Only problem is, that the next day, it was sold out. In all sizes. On all of the website I found it on. They don't know if/when they'll come back. UGH!

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