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Monday, October 31, 2011

DJs, Caterers and Dresses..OH MY!

    So it's been ages since I last updated this blog and I'm really sorry to my few followers. Not only for not updating mine, but for not reading yours on a consistent basis. I'll try and catch up soon I promise.

    Anyway, since my last entry I have gotten several wedding related tasks accomplished. Matt and I started our registries on Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon, met with our cake baker, finalized our DJ and decided on a caterer. I went with some of my bridesmaids on Saturday to David's Bridal and we picked out the dresses. They look fantastic on four of the six who were present and the other two were sent real pictures via the phone and loved them too! I am so excited that we were able to get this taken care of. So far only one has ordered it, ironically one that wasn't there, but they still have a few months before they need to order them. I'm not too worried about them.

    I also found my headpiece at this lovely place called Charming Charlies for only $10 and some beautiful jewelry from a little shop in Gatlinburg while on vacation for $30! Since I have almost my entire ensemble for the day, I just had to put it on earlier this week but just in case Matt is watching, those pictures will not surface. I can share the pictures of the headpiece and necklace though.

   This necklace came with matching earrings which Grandma said she'd wear since my ears will never be pierced. I just love it though. It will be my something blue, match the girl's dreses (close enough) and match my wedding band! It's also perfect with the dress for other undisclosed reasons.

    The headband is beautiful even though the picture really doesn't make it look that great. It was taken with my iPod in poor lighting and it's super sparkly! To think that the bridal salon wanted more than $300 for the veil and headpiece combo makes me sick to my stomach. I do however, feel accomplised in the fact that I was able to find a veil and headpiece for a combined grand total of $28 including shipping the veil to my house. Did I mention the fact that they are practically identical pieces of merchandise?

     It seems that the more I write, the more things I remember that I've accomplised wedding planning wise and suddenly I don't feel so behind anymore.
     We're using a lady from Church for the cakes and I've heard that she's great but I never knew just how great she was until we met together and got to see some of her pictures. Her cakes look absolutely amazing. She hasn't old us a price yet, but she's told us several time that she won't be hurt if we have to go with someone else and the price will not be bad at all. I have a feeling she's going to give us a discount. *crosses fingers*

     Another friend of my parents mainly is going to be the DJ and we finally got around to calling him. He has a library of over 5,000 songs and will get any song we want that he doesn't have. He's completely on board for announcing us like a batting lineup and doesn't need the list of must-plays and do-not plays until a month before hand!

     I designed our guestbook on Shutterfly and I'm really excited to have it completed. I love the idea of the photo-guestbook as it will be something Matt and I will look at more than just a regular guestbook. I also got a wonderful idea from Etsy for a pen to go with it: A sunflower pen! Another DIY project for me, but this one is super easy and I already have all of the necessary supplies. All I need to do is take a fake sunflower and use green floral tape to attach it to a pen. Volia!

    While we were out on Saturday, we stopped by a sewing store to check some stuff out. We found garter material by the yard and mom is going to attempt to make my Cincinnati Reds garter set instead of paying $30 for it. I think it's going to turn out well!

    I think that covers everything but it's been so long, I probably forget something. If you got through all of that, go buy yourself a cookie!

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