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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Aisle Runners

So Mom and I realized that we haven't even thought about aisle runners yet this morning. Aisle runner research has begun! I still need to measure the aisle because I have no idea how long or wide it is. It seems pretty standard to me though.

$14, White Polypropelene with
Linen texture, 75ft x 36in, Website:
I'm assuming that "Poly Linen" and
"Polypropelene with Linen texture"
are the same thing?

 $9.99, White Poly Linen,
50ft x 36in, Website: I'd like to
feel poly linen before buying
this but the price sure is right.


$60-$180, White, varing
lengths.widths and fabrics,
 Website: It would be really neat
to have onelike this but not
necessary. Side note -
this picture looks freakishly
similar to my church...
$21.99, White French lace, 50ft
x 36in, Website: I quite like this
one (but I maybe a bit biased since
I love French things.

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