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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent Etsy Finds

So, if you haven't discovered yet, please go now and explore. It's seriously amazing! Some of my recent finds that I hope to use in some way for the big day:

I really want to use these as part of the
favors or as a small part of the bridal
party gifts. They just fit so wonderfully
into the theme! What would you think?

Yeah, we're huge Red's fans. This is
so perfect it's not even funny.

I've thought about using this as a
pendant hanging off of my bouquet.

I really want to find some kind of use for this. It looks so
awesome! Any suggestions?

Oh man...I am in love with this listing.
A) I love pictures B) It's made from
recycled wood C) We can use them for
reception and home decor D) Amazing

Matt says we can get them too!! He must
like them. :)

Shops used in this post: Earmark, Avysm, CharmsMaker, lillalotta, mleefipps


  1. those are all cute stuff, do you have a link for the custom garter one?

  2. Yup, that came from the Avysm shop listed at the bottom of the post. She has all kinds.

  3. So I don't know where both of those comments ran off to, but in case you didn't see my reply - The garter came from the Avysm shop listed/linked on the bottom of the post.


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