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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reception Venue

First of all, sorry it's been a week since my last post. I've been migrating my Guest List from The Knot to an excel spreadsheet so I can do more useful and fun things with it. Mom and I messed with it some and it's pretty stressful honestly. I'm just glad we have time to finalize it. I'll be taking it to Matt's parents soon to see if there's anyone else they want on top of what he told me already.

Yesterday I called the reception venue we love and they are sending the paperwork to my house! I am so excited and relieved that a) The date is still open and b) We don't have to meet with them just yet (we've already gone and looked in person). I plan on going over the contract with a fine tooth comb and making a list of any and all questions we have. If we're still unable to visit them in person, I'll call and ask them about everything and have them send a revised contract. I hope we'll be able to clear a time off of our busy schedules that the venue also has free, but that may not be realistic. So horray for weddings checks!

From the knot as to what should be included on the contract:
  • Total cost and a line-item breakdown of what's included.

  • Amount of deposit and when it was paid.

  • Balance outstanding and when it's due (a payment schedule).

  • Exact date and time of your wedding.

  • Exact location of your wedding (e.g., "In Main Gallery," "In Presidential Ballroom").

  • Detailed list of everything the place will provide (tables, chairs, linens, amplifiers, whatever).

  • The name of the site representative who will be on hand on your wedding day, and the name of an acceptable substitute.

  • Proof of liability insurance and liquor license.

  • Cancellation/refund policy.

  • Anything else you agree to orally that you want to set in stone.

  • In other wedding related news, Matt told me on Sunday that he wanted to take the guys in October to get fitted for tuxes. I'm glad he's excited and wants to help but that is way too early! He was fine once I explained that but still said he feels bad that he's not doing much. I have such a sweet guy. :)

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